Here is my little Dior collection

  1. Here is photo of some Dior accessories:love: . I do not have too many coz most of them I already gave to my little sis and here is what I have left . I hope you enjoy viewing them ;)
  2. Their georgeous! You have so many... :drool:
  3. <jaw drops>

    OMG! So much Dior jewelry!!! I love the red bracelet! It's so chunky and fun!!!!
  4. Yeah! It's hugh and fun :rolleyes:
  5. That red bracelet is so amazingly fun! I LOVE IT.
  6. Lovely.
  7. :drool:
    I love that red bracelet too!!
  8. so cute! congrats!
  9. You never fail to diasppoint Vicky! :biggrin: Again, awesome collection.
  10. OH MY GOODNESS! :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: I love them ALL! Especially the earrings!
  11. WOW~! I love your collection. They are all gorgeous.
  12. I love your collection. I have the one with the skull at the bottom left corner of your pic. I pin it to my jeans:yes:
  13. Oh* thank you!:p
  14. Thank you so much!:yahoo:
  15. Wow your accessories collection across all brands rocks, awesome pieces Vicky! :rochard: