Here is my humble Toki collection...

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  1. I am late to this addiction, but here are the ones that I have collected, and still hoping to get some older prints (inferno...inferno..). Anyway, I bought 2 Tutti today, one from Nordies, and the other from excited! To be honest, I like the new qee a lot more than the Tutti print though.:push:

    First is my new zucca tutti...


    ...the other side


    this bag has most of the characters that I crave for...esp. my favorite ipod girl.:heart:

    Second tutti is a gioco



    ...finally, here is a family group pic of them all..
    Thanks for letting me share my joy here.:p
  2. Lovely Tuttis! Love the Sandy, Latte, Mozzarella, and Lightening Cloud on the back of your Zucca! Congrats!:woohoo:

    And,yeah, the qee is so cute. I normally don't use them, but kept them on my Tutti this time cause they're so darling!
  3. That Gioco is awesome!!!!! Congrats and good luck in collecting the older prints. It's a labor of love... :smile:

  4. awesome print placement! the front of your zucca is almost exactly the same as my ciao!

    congrats and welcome to the addiction!
  5. i am so envious of your gioco! :smile: & welcome!!
  6. love your tutti bags! i also think i'm diggin the new qee more than the print...
  7. Me too, just want the qee!
  8. excellent placement on the two tutti bags ^__^!
  9. Thanks everyone!:p
  10. Congrats, and hey, the qee IS super cute ! :yes:
  11. I love your Tutti purses! Great finds!

    Your gioco is amazing :tup:
  12. Thanks again. I usually use my Toki bags with the qee hanging on the bag...but not in the case of my new Tutti. I will need to take the Tutti qee out and display it along with my other vinyl toys at home!:yes:
  13. Awesome bags! I love the placement on both of them!
  14. cuuute! lovin the gioco!
  15. I just noticed that my Toki family pic didn't show in here.... so here it is...


    and now that my DH and my girls went to workout...I get to take a modeling pic of me rocking my new Tutti bag...:p