Here is my blueberry city. Took under different lighting.

  1. :yahoo:I know there is another thread about the blueberry city. But I can't help it. It's so softttttt..........
    CIMG1127 (Small).JPG CIMG1129 (Small).JPG CIMG1130 (Small).JPG CIMG1136 (Small).JPG CIMG1137 (Small).JPG
  2. She a beauty under any lighting!!!
  3. YES YES YES.... this is SO yummy!!!! weeeeeee heeeeee!! i love you blueberry!
  4. Have you done any of the leather treatments on it, or did you get a Blueberry with really nice soft leather? :smile:
  5. :yahoo::nuts::wtf::tender::love:

    That is all.
    What a gorgeous bag.
    Painful, really.

    You must be so in love with it!!!!!
  6. It's so beautiful... Can you post pics with you carrying it, pls... really love to see it. I've a cornflower city, I'm just wondering should I get this blueberry or wait for blue india... I just love all blue color that Balenciaga made...
  7. faitflux- yes,I use the lubriderm on the bag. It made the bag less shinny.

    cutiekiara- I wish I can post a pic with me carrying it. But I am so embarrassed to ask my dh to take the picture for me. He always laughed at me going crazy buying all the bags I don't really need. For him, it's just a bag. Anyway, I will try to do it myself if I can find a chance.
  8. :nuts: It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!
  9. Absolutely georgeous. To me it looks just like the beatiful 05' indigo!! Just dreamy, enjoy!!!
  10. It's beautiful!!! I agree that it looks gorgeous in all your pics! The leather looks fantastic!:love:
  11. gorgeous!! such a vivid blue...
  12. I sense a blueberry club forming soon!
  13. We are b-bag twins!! Your bag is beautiful!!!

    My SO does the same thing. When I was taking pics of me with my bag he came in and started laughing and making fun of me.
  14. OMG that color is really close to likey!!!!:graucho: :heart:
  15. I absolutely loooooove your blueberry city! If only I don't already have the ink...

    And LOL Jenn & bagworm, that's why I only take pics of my bags when my BF is out! All you need is a mirror & you're all set :biggrin: