Here is Miss Kelly! Love at First Sight!

  1. My Kelly arrived yesterday and I do love her!! She is Ebene Chevre and the color and leather are perfect. I love big bags and the 35 feels just right! Here are some quick, poor quality pix:p !
    Oh and I have questions-- what size birkin would hold roughly the same amount as a 35 kelly? Would a 30 Birkin look good on me or should I go larger?
    (PS for reference, I am 5'2 about a size 2)
    bags 005_1.jpg bags 007_1.jpg
  2. YOU DID GOOD picking out your 1ST HERMES BAG - You look GREAT! That size looks FANTASTIC on you!!

    Isn't it a FUN bag!?

  3. That is one hot bag, Rockerchic! :nuts: It is just gorgeous, so classy. Makes me want a Kelly even more :love:

  4. Gorgeous!!!! OMG your Kelly is stunning!!! :heart: :yahoo:
  5. congrats congrats. I love that size kelly
  6. Rockerchic, 35 looks great on you. I'm also 5'2", but a size 6 and I like both the 30 and 35. It just depends on the outfit. I find that with skirt outfits, the 30 just looks better in proportion with our height.
  7. CONGRATULATIONS! It looks great on you! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Since you like big sizes, I am sure you will find the 30cm Birkin too small for you. You need to upsize LOL:p

    I am your height as well, and I like the 30cm and the 32cm HAC. I find the 35cm too broad on the sides and is too heavy for me. Having said that, some friends think I look better with a 35cm when I wear high heels and trousers.
  8. You did real well and that bag look samazing on you!!!
  9. thanks for the advice...what does HAC mean?:shame:
  10. And here is miss kelly without that distracting woman standing behind her!
    kelly 002_1.jpg
  11. YAY!!! It looks fabulous on you Rockerchic! The size looks perfect on you! I would say go for a 35cm Birkin =)
  12. She looks great on you! Since you like the 35 for the kelly, I think you'll really like the 35 birkin. The 30 will seem small in comparison. But everyone is different....
  13. Gorgeous Kelly, it looks fabulous on you.
  14. I love it! Looks fabulous on you. Congrats!!!

    I too think a 35 Birkin would be more to your liking seeing as how you have a penchant for bigger bags. The 30 is on the small side but a really handy handbag size all the same:smile: So............ what colour and leather for your Birkin?:graucho:
  15. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! She is so beautiful. Will she be accompanying you on the 30th?