Here is how awesome my DH is:

  1. He bought me an Eole 50 yesterday for my upcoming trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will be sure to give everyone reviews once I've taken it on the road :smile:
  2. Congratulations.
  3. Congrats!
  4. what a nice hubby!
  5. Congrats... Love to see pictures
  6. I am playing with it right now, seeing what all I can fit in it, how big the pockets are....I am ecstatic!!
  7. congrats!
  8. Awww that's so nice! Congrats!
  9. I want that piece of lugage too....but waiting for it in damier......Congrats on yours!!!!!
  10. Congrats, would you share some pics please!
  11. Aw congrats, that's a great luggage piece!
  12. Lucky you :nuts:
  13. Congrats! Lucky gal.
  14. What a sweet hubby!
  15. That's awesome! Can't wait to hear your review!