Here is color of 07 red caviar

  1. Despite new price increase, I really want jumbo classic in this color.
    red caviar 07.jpg
  2. Wow, it's so pretty!
  3. yes, it sure is purty!:drool: :love:
  4. Hmmm

    its so hard to tell. is is orangey red? or different? That's what it look like in the pic :shrugs:
  5. It looks more orange than red. Maybe it's because this picture is taken indoors?

  6. Your right Smooth..
    It looks more orange - wonder if its just the pic?
    I'd love to see it in person.
  7. :sweatdrop: I hope its not orangey. I was really hoping for a true red:sweatdrop:
  8. Hmm, I was hoping that it would be more along the lines of the lambskin red.
  9. Wonder if we have anyone eyeball it in person at a trunk show?
  10. Yeah, it's too orange-y, like a brick red. If that is the true color, I'm not buying it.(phew, my bank account will be happy!)
  11. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Does anyone think this looks brownish?
  12. The caviar leather also looks kind of matte to me. I like it when caviar is shinier. (It seems to vary from piece to piece for Chanel.)
  13. Hmmm...I like the lambskin red much better than the caviar red, based on this pic... :shrugs:
  14. i like the lambskin red but lambskin is too fragile for me.. sigh. :sad:
  15. You all are right. It's orangy red. I took this picture under sun. Color code is red 91764. It's not looking bad but maybe it's better with a little deeper red.
    orangy red caviar.jpg