Here is another Rachel Nasvik

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  1. enjoy. i really like this one
  2. Where can you purchase these? I like it a lot!
  3. This one's on sale on her website
  4. Nice!
  5. I love that one - I was thinking it'd be a nice brown bag for fall. :love: It's a very feminine design, if that makes any sense. Very ladylike.
  6. sort of reminds me of a Muse
  7. definately has that shape. and for me, there is a bit of the clandestine there, too. i like it because it is a classic and the hardware is kept to a minimum.
  8. wow it's cute!!! very classy. is like a combination between a muse and a kooba paige...
    love it :love:
    how much is it?
  9. I love it. I bought it.
  10. congratulations. please post lots of pictures and reviews when you get it.
  11. Well, the bag did not live up to the photo:crybaby: . I am sending it back. It looks like something you could get in Wal-Mart. Maybe the leather is supposed to look distressed, but I just did not like it.
    IMG_0886.JPG IMG_0885.JPG IMG_0884.JPG
  12. Sorry to hear that...I'm a touchy-feely person when I buy.
  13. ohhh poop. i was hoping for you. it was so pretty in the picture. and hwat a good price. sorry sorry sorry. maybe the designer will read this thread and pick it up a bit
  14. So sorry you didn't like your new bag.
  15. I'm sorry to hear that, I was thinking of buying one myself. I can't believe how different the bag looks in your pictures! Is the leather of poor quality, or was it just the distressed look that caught you by surprise?
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