Here is another one -WOW... deal

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  1. I was there but I didn't use the buy it now because I wasn't very sure of its authenticity but I think the interior looks very nice - pink smooth leather... not like fakes... but anyway, it was gone in seconds.. and if it is real.. OMG $200! It was a $2000 bag!
  2. It looks cheap to me and the zipper seems off. I don't know if it is real. I also wonder about those feet on the bottom. I am sure who ever bought it will like it, but you get what you pay for and does anyone sell authentic chanel bags for this price????????????
  3. The price was indeed too good to be true so I didn't grab it. I would rather buy a real one at full price than having a fake at $200, not even at $20. But these days the quality of the fakes are really improving = )
  4. Same opinion for me.
  5. Its gotten so hard to tell the fakes from the authentic now. MAkers of fakes are really improving lately....its kinda sad. It gets harder and harder to tell.
  6. Please do not post photos or links to ILLEGAL COUNTEFEITS on this website.
    It's not allowed and it just doesn't follow the Forums ethics.
    If you aren't positively certain that a bag is real, it's best not to post it.
Thread Status:
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