Here is a story for you!

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  1. Last Friday, I was out with some friends at a pub in Boston, and I saw a girl wearing an adorable black leather tote bag with brown, thin leather straps. I loved the way it looked and I tried to walk by a few times to see who made it. Unfortunately, I could not tell without looking like a crazy person. :crybaby: So, I let it go, but was thinking about it.

    Well!!! Just yesterday, I went to the outlets mall and was browsing around the Coach store and I saw the EXACT, SAME bag!!! AND on discount from the already lower price at an additional 20% off! It was the small Chelsea tote, and I had no idea it was even Coach! I bought it right away and what a great deal it was! This is my first thread in the Coach forum, btw, and I was never really a big Coach person (just indifferent or admired them occasionally), but I love this bag so much! :drool: I just thought it was funny that I found the same bag a week later. Just had to share!
  2. Thank you for sharing! Watch may be hooked already and not know it!
  3. Nice! Love it when something "works out like that" -- :smile: congrats on your new bag!
  4. thanks for sharing that story. it was good to hear that you found that bag! congrats!
  5. pics!!! pics!!!
  6. congrats about that makes ya feel good when you find something you absolutely love!!!
  7. Very cool! Thanks for sharing - gotta love a good purse story :yes:
  8. Ha! You were hooked from first sight and didn't even know it.
  9. Let's see some pictures!!!! Congrats!
  10. It was meant to be:smile:
  11. wow! such a great coincidence! hope you can flaunt it so some other girl can see it, go to the outlet and have an awesome experience like you had ;) .

  12. oh happy day!
  13. Definitely cosmos for you! Congrats!
  14. Welcome. Congrats on finding the bag. :smile:
  15. Congrats on the new Coach. You're gonna get hooked. Like the Lays Potato Chip commercial, you can't get just ONE!!!