Here is a funny thought about all of the fake-themed threads...

The Snorks

Thrift Store Chic
Aug 10, 2006
What if all of the people who complain on the LV forum about the fakes they see IRL are actually complaining about the bags of other TPF members who post complaints about people who think their authentic bags are fake? :roflmfao:

I can't help but find the thought of this humorous, even though I probably shouldn't.
Next Tpf gathering in (insert city):

Tpfer 1: This girl last week gave me a dirty look as she rocked her bag and said to her friend that my bag is fake!
Tpfer 2 (walking in): Omg, the girl with that ugly fake bag is HERE?

This is great, snorks!
I confused even myself while typing the op. Here is an example:

TPF member #1: OMG, I was at Bloomingdales today and I saw this girl who had the worst fake EVER. She was acting like it was the real deal. Gawd, I hate fakes!

TPF member #2: I was at Bloomingdales today and this girl was totally dogging my bag like it was fake. I tried to show her my receipt, but she walked away. I hate it when people think my bag is fake!

Yes, it is quite circular.:hysteric: