Here is a Chanel beauty....

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  1. I found this while looking in Harper's Bazaar. It is a beautiful red Chanel clutch with a '20s flair.:heart:
    Cost is $2,995.00 ouch.:tdown:

    I love the look of it in the red,....... but the price - not so much.

    It was also shown in a gold or yellow-ish color. The layout where the model is wearing it shows the true size relation.

    Hate the price...
    But darn it -I am soooo attracted to it.:love:

    Has anyone seen this IRL?

    (images from Harper's Bazaar)

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  2. i saw this issue and there were so many pretty flaps! mostly lambskin :smile:
  3. hi sweetsparkle ... newbie here ... i've been looking for black or silver leather bowler. where did you get yours ?? sadly in seattle, not many bowler available ...
  4. Very glam!!
  5. i looked long and hard everywhere myself and finally found one at the end. but unfortunately i'm selling mine since i want a classic lambskin flap :sad:
  6. Eyecatching especially in the red version!Isn't that the new LE bag the model is carrying on her shoulder? The pearls make a nice contrast against the black!:drool:Thank you so much for posting!
  7. At the very bottom of the page in tiny print - which for some reason my scanner refused to pick up - it lists the black bag as simply:

    Black Calfskin Bag $3,225 and
    the maroon bag was listed with the same lack of detail as Maroon Calfskin Bag $2,995.

    For these prices I want to see names, fancy glorious names!!!:yahoo:

    I am still very smitten with that red clutch....of course I need it like a hole in the head.:whistle:
  8. You're absolutely right!Every time I ask for a bag in the C. boutique they're astonished that I know the name!(thanks to the PFers ;)).I thought it is because I live in Vienna,Austria and my German is not so fluent and English is not of great help either but as I've noticed Chanel doesn't mention names in their website either!
    ...We always need ...holes in the head!lol:roflmfao:
  9. Very beautiful!!

  10. LOL, it is not just you, they just seem to like stock numbers and cash register numbers $$$$ more than names ...

    I was at Beverly Hills NM today and apparently the red is long gone - probably not possible to find one - but they did have a purple in that clutch...if anyone is interested.
  11. Thats cute! Thers a mimco clutch (aussie brand) that looks similar but its more square its made of plastic tho..very cute bag chanel...very evil pricing tho.
  12. The red is TDF

  13. I put my name down for a pre order on the LE with the pearl necklace strap (pearls come off to be used as necklace and it has a mirror that comes off as well).

    Funny, because I didn't pay much attention to it in the picture ( I was smitten with the red clutch) until you brought it up and was surprised when I saw it at the trunk show. So, I started playing with it and it is interesting and very Chanel (pearls and all). The bag is an aged black - not as deep black as I would have I will decide whether it is a keeper for me when it comes in :confused1:

    If I pass on it, when it arrives you can have next up - if interested. I think it is about $2995 or so - I can't exactly remember - selective memory block...hahahaha.
  14. chanelspell! you are living in vienna? me, too! maybe we should go hit the boutique together...i actually don`t like the stuff too much and they don´t have too many nice bags in stock, but hey, we should give it a try ;o)
  15. That bag is lovely, may look into getting the brown one!
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