Here I go wondering again...

  1. We definitely needed a new thread and my mind was doing a little ticking this past week.

    I noticed at my Hermes only colored bags...when you visit you Hermes is it mostly colored bags on display? Do you ever see any neutral bags...especially in Kellys or Birkins?

    I also noticed there was not one piece of neutral colored items in the accessories. The colors do make a very nice display because they are so gorgeous, but nothing neutral.

    I am really beginning to feel finding a neutral bag is really alot tougher than I ever thought and if my name doesn't move to the top of the list I would never get one. It seems easier to get a colored bag...which is ok, but where are all the neutrals???

    Those craftmen/women need to work a tiny bit faster on the H bags!!!
  2. Switzerland is full of natural colors - people dont like to be colorful here...and in fall/winter there is more of the browns and beigs - summer is always more colorful...
  3. I live in NYC, I always see the colored bags on the shelves and they have a tendency to stay longer. One of the SA's did tell me the black bags do not stay long. But this is NYC and black is our color. Now that you mention it, everytime I've been offered a Birkin, it's never been a neutral. I've been offered orange, raisin, red, green, brown, indigo, pink. Nope, no neutrals. So, yes, IMO the neutrals are harder to get.
  4. Here in Italy is pretty much like Switzerland, people prefer neutrals; when I recently preordered my Masai, the only neutral still not preordered was Etoupe (which is what I got) whereas the coloreds,Potiron, BJ, red...where all free to be ordered...and the Masai is a casual sholder bag...:flowers:
  5. Two weeks ago San Francisco H had one 32cm Gold Kelly on the shelf....the next day it was gone! Everything else since has been color, color and more color....(and no more Kelly's either)
  6. Shopmom, yesterday I saw a Kelly 28 rigide in Chocolate Chamonix/Silver HW on the shelf at the SF boutique! It was gorgeous!
  7. i have only actually seen one birkin on the shelf myself and that was in the NY store on Madison. It was fuschia and it had been preordered I believe but she turned it down while I was in the store and someone else scooped it up in a matter of minutes.

    Anyway, I think that for most people, when they put that much money into a bag, they want to make sure that it will go with just about everything they wear, hence the desire for neutral colors.
  8. I've noticed the VIP's get first shot at the neutrals, too.
  9. OMG, Lucy were you actually inside the store yesterday???? I got there just as it was closing for inventory!

    I do remember that Kelly and it is a gorgeous baby....I can't believe it's still there, actually. Do you remember what the price was on that one??????
  10. The stores have a lot of Etoupe...since its a new color...
  11. I have never walked into a store and actually seen a neutral on the shelf. In all my years checking out the merchandise I have never seen one.
  12. I've seen a lot of black and rouge hermes but not a lot of gold or other browns.
  13. Keeping in mind that there are never Birkins on the shelves at my NM, there are lots of bolides! Yesterday, there was gold, blue jean (could have been Turquoise now that I think about it), vermillion and a funky looking kelly (long and angular- looked almost like a back pack) in a green ostrich. Beautiful color, just not crazy about the shape. They also had a chocolate trim last time I was there.

    Then there were two kelly/clutches: red suede and black box.
  14. OOOhh :heart: :heart: :heart: black box Kelly clutch!
  15. For those who are fortunate to go out...that is a lovely bag to own.:yes: