Here I go again......


Aug 29, 2007
On the hunt.....
It's grey and rainy out today in Northern NJ.....a stay at home kind of day. So I decided to browse the Saks website, deciding to check out the Rocco's they have.

I see a blue Rocco with shiny ghw. I love blue. I love gold. I love the 2 Rocco's I just bought! :shame:

I decide to check out and see if any other tPFers have this bag in blue. I find the thread for Tara's blue Rocco with brass hw. I love it! That's all I needed to see......apparently just a photo can enable me! LOL! :biggrin:

I placed my order online with Sask for the blue Rocco with shiny ghw. Here's a link to see it, if anyone wants to:

This blue Rocco is the smoother leather just like my green one. And I love that green I am hoping this bag will be a winner too.

I just got an email from Saks telling me my bag has already shipped! They must work fast there. I think they ship out od NYC.....I am hoping to have this bag hopefully by Tuesday. I'll post pix when I get it.