here i come again..!

  1. i'm thinking of going to SCP after work today...

    hmm. im wondering whether i should pick up something.. :graucho:
  2. I think you should get something!!! *cough* MC Key Holder *ends cough*
  3. Get something and then show us!! I need to live vicariously through you people :biggrin:
  4. Of course you should get something from LV! Can't wait to see what you bring home :nuts:
  5. *cough x 3* i *coughs* already have *cough x 4* the damier *coughs* one.

    but i agree the white MC key holder is adorable!!! :rolleyes:

  6. im eyeing vernis and epi right now :idea:
  7. ..maybe something in vernis? ;)
  8. vernis ludlow, pomme cles!!! pommee cles!!! (if you don't have it)
  9. YES!~ get something!!~ kaka that way theres something new to treat our eyes. =D
  10. thinking of that too!

    but im worried about the button leaving a mark...any opinions?
  11. How about a Damier Koala Change purse? It is soooooo cute!!! I almost bought one yday....actually want to go back and get it!!!
  12. ^^ it is really cute! but i already have the koala!
  13. How about a vernis key holder then? The pomme looks hot with Damier!
  14. Yes, get something in vernis. Don't forget to post pics when you get home.
  15. According to your siggy, you wallet is locked. :shocked: Tsk Tsk! HeeHee, just kidding. :lol: Have fun and if you get something don't forgot to post pictures. :biggrin: ( pomme ludlow sounds pretty nice :graucho: )