Here I am - where are you?

  1. So we don't all have to turn up at the May meet wearing pink carnations - here's a thread where we can post pics of ourselves.
    This thread is not just for the girls able to come to the UK meet - it would be great to put faces to names for all the Mulberry girls. :tup:
    So, here I am gals!
  2. me with son no 3 !!!:p

    dsc00760 (4).jpg
  3. I'm not sure if I can make the meet - though I'd love to come - but here's a pic of me. Please escuse the crap hair, I'd just had it cut short and had been messing about with the straightening irons! :lol:
    21st Jan 2008, pic2.jpg
  4. Hi Mulberry Gals! It's me, being dramatic in the jungle.
    Photo 8.jpg
  5. Heres me but i know have dark hair so doesn't really help for the meet

  6. good at this aren't i!!
  7. Evie - where are you??? Can't see any pic!
  8. hopefully this has worked, the only pic I have where my hair is brushed, I have makeup on and I dont have various "splatters" of food and baby sick all over me.:rolleyes:
  9. ^^^^^ Wow!!!! I like this thread its fun!!! more pic`s please-will add mine over the weekend!!
  10. Sarajane, I won't be at the Mulberry meet-up because although I pop in on you Mulberry ladies occasionally, I spend more time in the Chloe forum so don't think I really qualify:nogood:, but just wanted to say that your photo made me SO nostalgic for NY. That is The Rockerfeller Centre you're standing in front of, isn't it ? I have similar pics of my DH,Mum and daughter in exactly the same location from our first trip to NY in 2006.I absolutely fell in love with the city and hope to go back asap. Your photo really brought back some happy memories and made me smile :smile: (even if the reason for posting it was for a completely different purpose!)
  11. are all so gorgeous and young with young children....and I am... young with college age children! You're making me feel like the cool old lady of the Mulberry gals.
  12. Orkney - you are just too cute for words!!!
    Goldfinch - same as above!!
    TG - you are not the only seasoned woman!!! Me, too!! U look fab!

    I am just nervous about posting a pic! I will have DD take some soon! (After lipo!) hehe
  13. Jo you look nothing like the other Jo!!! Can't believe you have had 3 kids!!
    Just gorgeous, all of you!
  14. trying again. we all know its a shame for me!!
    give up it keeps saying file exceeds limit! how rude!:tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown:
  15. Evie - you need to resize the picture first. When you call it up on your PC, double click on it and it should bring up picture manager. In the tool bar go to resize pic. You want it large web size. That should do it!