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  1. Hi guys, Shelby here. New to this forum and need some information. I recently made an eBay purchase of a supposed to be vintage Gucci bag. Problem is, it's a knock-off. I have filed a Paypal claim but now I have to provide them with an opinion from a "expert" that it is such. I need to find such a person in the Ft Smith, Arkansas or surrounding area who can provide me with this. Anybody know any businesses or individuals in this area that I can contact? Time is a factor as I only have ten days to get this done!
  2. If you paid with a credit card or bank card I would recommend contacting that institution before doing the whole paypal claim thing. I purchased a bag a couple of years ago that was an obvious fake. I paid via paypal with my bank of America debit card so rather than go through the whole paypal ordeal I just contacted the bank, filled out their paperwork and within a week had the funds returned. I gave the bag to goodwill!
    Good luck
  3. Thanks for the help! I was able to locate a eBay member who obviously knows her stuff. Hopefully, she will be able to help me out with this. After you get done feeling really dumb for getting taken ( looking at the seller's feedback), you get mad. I have bought and sold on eBay for a few years and if I am not sure about how genuine something is, I say so. Too bad others can't do the same!
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