Here Comes Your Man(crazy)

  1. Sorry, I've been humming that Pixies song since I picked this bag up. And if you don't know the song, you've got to download it! Utter classic! But I digress...

    Here it is, in living color.

    OMG, the booklet is printed to match the exterior of the bag. Sorry about the quality of the photos. I used my cell phone. I'll try to take more tomorrow.

    I looked too beat after a day of work to do modeling pics, so my cat helped out. He's the same guy from my avatar. I think LV must smell like tuna to him. He loves it.

    Anyway, here's the bag. And here comes your man (dadadada!). :jammin:
  2. WOW WOW WOW!!! That's one of the most beautiful bags available =)
  3. STUNNING...
    congrats...seemed a pretty loooooonnnnnngggggg day!!!
    Did you finally shatter the clock???!!!lol
    Wear her in the best of health!
    Any modelling pics?
  4. Congrats! :yes:
  5. It's gorgeous! I love how it's shaped and has two separate compartments. Congrats!
  6. Congrats!!!
  7. congrats!!! wear it well!
  8. ooomgosh I LOVE it :heart::love: !!!!
    & I'd love to see modelling pics!

    btw my cat loves my LV + other designer bags as well lol. He's always rubbing against them..:p
  9. That's too beautiful, I LOVE it! Congrats restricter :heart:
  10. Yay for Mancrazy Congtrats:yahoo: I was waiting for you to post can't wait for modeling pics...
  11. Congrats!! You finally pick up your Man! What a great piece!

    Your cat is too cute! ;)
  12. yay congrats!
  13. Wow,'s huge !!! How gorgeous !! What a great LE piece !!
    Congratulations !!
  14. Thanks everybody. You know, it's not as huge as it looks. When you take the stuffing out, it's about the size of a speedy 30 and if I'm not wearing a coat, I can wear it over my shoulder.

    My cat loves the box it came in. I figure I've got 10 days or so til he pukes in the box -- almost in time for the exotic speedy to come out.
  15. yay!!! she's gorgeous, restricter!!!