Here comes Turquiose 05 City!!!

  1. Thanks a heap for all your comments!!

    Finally I decided to take Turquiose 05 in CITTY model:yes:

    The color is so great....;)

    ps. sorry for my dirty mirror:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
    2.jpg P1060587.jpg
  2. Congratulations! :yahoo: It's beautiful, but I think the color may be '07 Aquamarine rather than '05 Turquoise. Maybe it's my monitor you have the paper card that states the year of production?
  3. is that the tag string????...
  4. I don't have anything but compare with my previous twiggy it's the same color.

    it's string but not for a tag, i got it from consignment store.:yes:

    BTW, is this silver tag help to identify which color and which season??:confused1:
  5. deinitely an 05! congrats!
  6. That's a great color love it!!!
  7. You really scored, it looks brand spanking new! I love '05 Turquoise :love:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. 05 bags have such wonderful leather - congrats!!
  10. Yes, i jus love this 05 turquoise esp as it reminds me of having one before in city style too.....:crybaby: :crybaby:
  11. :yahoo: Congratulations. I have that bag and it's one of my favorites. Yours looks MINT and I do mean MINT. It looks like the plastic is still on the silver tag. Great find and I hope you got it at a good price. I had to pay a lot to get mine. ouch!
  12. i love the 05 TURQ!! i'm still waiting to get mine back from LMB :confused1:

    so i can drool over yours in the mean time - very gorgeous~!
  13. Holy COW! OMG!!! I am going to pass out and DIE! That is so pristine and amazing! COngratulations, you look beyond wonderful w/ it!:yahoo:
  14. Love it!:love: Congrats!:yes:
  15. :nuts::drool::yahoo:Wow!! Gorgeous Bbag!! You found that in a consignment store? Lucky you!! Congratulations!!