Here comes Summertime!! Share your June 2012 Purchases here.

  1. Saw the pics. its a lovely bag. congrats on your new chanel! enjoy her
  2. Very pretty indeed! Congrats!

  3. Everyone's got so many lovely purchases!!! I've been laying low for a while but here is mine from the mothership. Just got back this a few days ago and haven't had time to upload till now~ Now I am beating myself over the head for not getting the reissue camera bag as well!!! :lecture:

    DSCN7017.jpg DSCN7018.jpg DSCN7019.jpg
  4. Gorgeous bag! The color is so pretty!!
  5. Congratulations sixela!! :love: Is this the plum from 12P? It's so pretty!!! :heart: I also kicked myself for not getting the reissue camera bag when I was traveling. What colors did you see for the reissue cam bag? Anyway, congrats again!
  6. *drooooooooooooL* So gorgy, congrats!!!
  7. Woowww. Pretty bag...... Can I ask.... is it 226 or 227?
  8. Thank you ladies~~ i havent used it yet but this weekend is supposed to be wonderful so i will take the opportunity~

    Bluekit~ i feel your pain! The one i saw was a shiny silver metallic large reissue camera bag. I forgot the price but my brother said it was too big and too flashy. And since i have the silver metallic m/l already, it sort of made no sense to buy the camera bag as well. Also, i am not sure what season or what the color this reissue is exactly. Heard they usually take all the tags & stickers and i guess its true because i came home with none! :roflmfao:
  9. Hi & thank you~ this is actually neither! Its the 225 i believe. One size up from the mini. :biggrin:

    Edit: but just to be sure i will measure it when i get home.
  10. Interesting! I haven't seen the silver metallic large reissue cam bag. I saw the black patent and a dark grey distressed calf. They were beautiful!!! :love: Congrats again on your new reissue!!

  11. Update Ladies! I returned my Cerf Tote yesterday. I got the small Shiva Flap in Beige (dark) instead. Don't get me wrong I looove the Cerf Tote. It's just that I got the Celine Mini Luggage, which is also a tote. The Cerf tote seems a little too formal/high profile for me. And it so happen I was browsing thru my SAs emails and found the Shiva flap. I find it a little bit more casual and edgier looking flap. I love love the hardware too! Here's photo of the actual bag while at Saks yesterday.

    I hope I will not regret my decision.
    Beige 2900.jpg
  12. I really like this bag! I agree, the cerf tote is a bit formal/professional and this has an edgier vibe. How much was this if u don't mind me asking?
  13. Love that shade of red! Congrats
  14. Congrats!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!

  15. Beautiful brooch, love it! Congrats!