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  1. Sorry typo in my previous post. It should say 'you found your grey with GHW' I got too excited and just found out now about the typo.
  2. You did! Gorgeous cerf tote! ;)
  3. So pretty!
  4. Amazing!

  5. Your purchases are always gorgeous!

  6. Thanks farisa, AMJ and Lavender_Tea! :smile:
  7. I'm pretty sure it comes in a smaller size;)

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  8. OK everyone - I FINALLY got the time to upload more detailed pics of my new Chanel bag! Sorry they are not that great but I am NOT a photographer and I do not have a decent set up for taking self portraits LOL! This bag just came out with the pre-fall Paris Bombay collection and it ZIPS!!! Plus it has feet. It is my dream bag :biggrin: Please forgive the modeling pics as I was not dressed up lol
    IMAG1205.jpg IMAG1206.jpg IMAG1209.jpg IMAG1220.jpg IMAG1219.jpg IMAG1216.jpg IMAG1210.jpg IMAG1208.jpg
  9. More pics...
    IMAG1207.jpg IMAG1207_2.jpg IMAG1142.jpg IMAG1141.jpg IMAG1140.jpg IMAG1143.jpg

  10. hi ddebartolo! its a beautiful chanel tote! Love the strap and CC logo. enjoy your new chanel.
  11. THANK YOU! It is my very first brand new Chanel bag :smile:
  12. Yes it just came out with the pre-fall Paris Bombay collection. I uploaded tons of pics :smile:
  13. Wow! I love this bag. Congrats !
  14. Thank you dear :smile: