Here comes my Grooms, here comes my Grooms...

  1. I have been a bad bad girl today, popped into my local LV with the intention of window-shopping and I ended up with these...

    1) Groom Rond
    2) Groom Compact Zip Wallet
    3) Groom Cles
    4) My Lovely Trio of Grooms! :graucho:
    5) My BJ Birkin with my Groom Wallet! Perfect match! :love:
    DSC06371.JPG DSC06372.JPG DSC06373.JPG DSC06374.JPG DSC06369.JPG
  2. Looks great with the Hermes!
  3. Nice collection! :yahoo: They're all so cute.
  4. great collection! a new groom fan here..
  5. wow your groom wallet does look amazing with your birkin! congrats!
  6. :nuts: :love: Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!
  7. congra'ts
  8. Love it love it!
  9. aah love the blue one with your H bag
  10. Too cute and the blue goes perfectly with your Hermes. Congrats!!!! :yes:
  11. Pretty : )
  12. Thank U Ladies! The wallet is my favourite! Almost wanted to get a Hermes BJ wallet to match, but then I saw this and fell in love instantly!
  13. Looks like you have quite the haul there. congrats on your purchases.
  14. oh lovely! congrats :smile:
  15. absolutely Lucky !!

    I realllly want something from the Groom line..
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