Here comes Christine

  1. I am so glad :yahoo: to be able to get a Christine finally, many thanks :flowers: for DQ, Hello and GF!

    She is nine years old in barenia and toile.
    I was not at home when she arrives and I asked DH to open the parcel for me, he told me over the phone, "The leather smells very good!"

    Barenia experts, there are two bumps when I flip the cover, are there any ways to mend? What should I use to give it a rub?
    Christine.JPG Christine_2.JPG
  2. my peko, this is the first time i have ever seen the christine .
    it is stunning! it is a beauty! :heart:
    i am a sucker for shoulder bags!
    is it still available @ an hermes store?

    enjoy yours in the best of health! :yes:
  3. congratulations. after nine years old, it still looks brand new.
  4. Shoppingbaglady, I have tried calling stores overseas and my local H store manager has tried searching for me but in vain. I have pursued this Christine at the pre-owned market.
    I too wish that I can lay hands on a new one.
  5. Thanks Dior. The stiches are still so white!

    My only query is the bumps ...hmm.
  6. Beautiful! And I am happy that you have her!
    Sorry, no idea about the bumps!
  7. my peko, she is a beauty!! And that Barenia...*sigh*

    I would think you might want to give Hermes a call....if it were me, I would not want to send my new baby away since she just arrived, but, Mr Claude in NYC might have some ideas about the little bumps.

    AND....I've been wanting to tell you, also.....I really like your Berlingot....
  8. new one or old one..all i know is that christine is a gorgeous one!
    glad you were lucky to be able to get a pre-owned one!
    i will just vicariously enjoy yours! :yes: :yes: :yes:
  9. Congrats!!! Hope you enjoy!!!
  10. It is a first time for me as well. Beautiful bag and lovely color combination. Enjoy in good health
  11. ^^^Congratulations! I could smell her from her...mmmmmmmmMMMM:love:
  12. never seen the Christine her...shoulder bags are sooooo useful!! congratulations!!!!!
  13. Barenia is so special!! Congrats!
  14. my peko, super cute bag! congratulations!
  15. So gorgeous!!!! :yahoo: