Here at last!!!!!!!!!!! Babington!

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  1. Finally my batteries are charged and I can show you the pics!!!!! If I stop replying to posts suddenly its cos me and Spohie are off out shoppin and taking the new baby out for some fresh air!!!!
    And an absolutely massive thank you to Flyvetjo!!!! What a matchmaker!!! I trusted your judgement and I'm so glad I did its even more gorgeous in real life and totally suited to mine and Sophies needs!!!!!!!!!!
    bloody bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 001.JPG bloody bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 002.JPG bloody bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 003.JPG bloody bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 004.JPG bloody bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 005.JPG
  2. Ooooh, congrats, it's gorgeous. I haven't seen one IRL (as it were!) before, and it looks really beautiful, a nice alternative to the Bayswater. Hope you get lots of use from it :tup:
  3. Congratulations. Glad you like it. It looks a great size for carting all the stuff us women have to lug around!
  4. Thank you! I'll put a modelling pic on Flyvetjo's thread later and then you can get an idea of size,but in the meantime its as wide as the Elgin and about a third shallower.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Lovely bag. Come to think of it I don't have a Mulberry in black!!
  6. mmmm,after veiwing your delectable collection you could be right,does that help?Or do you need less justification than that! Besides if you take pictures of a new black one in front of your brill fridge I'm sure everyone will help you justify it!xxxxxx
  7. .......perhaps a black Bayswater?????
  8. most definately,with having Sophies stuff to lug about I thought an open top bag would be better for me,would'nt like to put a crease inthe flap from constant use, but if it was'nt for that I would have loved a Bayswater,very beautiful looking bag!Jo has one sat in her cupboard ready for Christmas,and its a gorgeous bag!
    After a very successful road test of the Babington yesterday,obviously not as deep as the Elgin, as well as fullfilling the gorgeous factor, it was extremley good! Plenty of space for mine and Sophies crap. It has to be said if I was out all day with her and Andy I probably would need the extra space of the Elgin. But I found it holds a bit more than my Roxanne and the handles don't require a thin top to get them on your shoulder either.The reason this one was in the outlets is the closure magnets don't work to any useful degree at all,but the bag sits so well under the arm that I did'nt find that a problem in any way.And for £416 reduced from £595 isn't an amazing deal compared to some I've heard of on here,but none the less I'm fantastically chuffed with it,and the color opens up loads more of my winter wardrobe, the harware and detailing are 'just enough' to suit my taste and it looks brilliant with my big winter coat and great with jeans and a jumper too!!!
  9. I'm sooooooooooooooo chuffed you love the bag!!! It looks great!:woohoo:
  10. You are so on the top of my Christmas card list!!! Thank you!!!XXXXXXXXXXXX

  11. Just glad i could help! Enjoy!;)
  12. I know I'm 10 days late but just had to say - your Babington is beautiful, the leather looks so Mulberryish and I love it in the black,
    hmm dangerously inspiring.....;)
  13. I'm late too, been on business trips, but I have to say this Babington is a classic looking one isn't it? It sure deserves a second look!
  14. It is,its one I had never heard of before,or seen,but I was put onto it by Jo and then ordered it from an outlet,and it really is quite lovely irl! And a hugely useful size too!!
  15. Congrats, it's gorgeous and the open top does look handy, even without kids, I find flaps on bags can be a bit annoying when shopping. Is it black or grey, it almost looks grey but it could be the light?