Here are the pics I promised! And a question....

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  1. Of my new Koala and Simple Checkbook! One with flash, and one without. Both are made in France, and have the leather lining. The checkbook is awesome, it's simple just like the name implies, two pockets, one for checks and one for the register.

    And my question is this, I am absolutely LUSTING :drool: after one of the new scarves on the LV website (the monogram one with the leopard corners). When I can expect those to show up on eLux or in the boutique?
    Img_0611.jpg Img_0612.jpg
  2. Very nice items. I do not know the answer to your question. Sorry.:s
  3. Try calling 866-VUITTON and ask. :yes:

    I love your purchases BTW! Congrats!
  4. oooh and post the info you find out on here lol :biggrin:
  5. Congrats!!!:yahoo: Nice purchase:love:.Thanks for sharing:flowers:

    Yeah about the scarf you might want to call your local boutique:smile:
  6. Nice stuff! COngrats!