here are some pictures of (relatively) recent purchases...

  1. my neverfull gm, for days when i just have a ton to carry, my new mono zippy, and my pomme cles with juicy charm. also, i have a new coconut juicy charm that i may put on my zippy- i haven't decided yet! but i'm keeping that charm!!! thanks for looking!
    100_0002.JPG 100_0005.JPG 100_0015.JPG 100_0018.JPG
  2. Very cute! LOVE everything! The Juicy charms look so good on the cles! Congrats on the great haul!
  3. I love the pomme clé!!! It's so lovely.
    Regina :tup:
  4. lovely!

    i just bought a mono zippy yesterday. isnt it wonderful and spacious?
  5. Great stuff! Congratulations!
  6. Great buys! Congratulations!
  7. Everything is so pretty - love the charms. :smile:
  8. Love all your purchases!! Congrats!!
  9. LVoe all your cute stuff. Congrats !
  10. Congrats, LOVE the charm on the Cles! The Neverfull looks great!
  11. Cute stuff!
  12. ooo la la... congrats! I'm loving your new loot. The juicy charm looks really cute on the cles! :love:
  13. everything looks great!! i'm gonna have to find myself a juicy charm for my cles too!
  14. Like all your purchases, especially those charms :smile:
  15. Nice :nuts: Congrats :smile: