Here are some pics from BNY ..Whistle bag, etc.

  1. These were emailed to me today. I wanted to show the difference in the Spring 05 Caramel and the 06 Camel/Butterscotch/ Light Carmel. I wish that they would all agree on one name for the color. :P
    pic001.jpg pic002.jpg pic005.jpg pic006.jpg
  2. Thanks for posting! Those bags look nice!
  3. how much was the whistle? That's really cute!

    Also, which caramel is which in the picture??? =) I love them! Is it pre-fall 06 or fall 06??? I keep thinking it's cognac but now I'm confused...:confused1:
  4. I like the new carmel a lot more than the one from pre-spring because the leather is TDF.
  5. I think the one of the bottom is the 05 caramel. The top one looks kind of like the s/s 06 when some of the bags had cellophane like leather.
  6. powderpuff,

    do you have a full pic of the second bag? or what is the name? I've never seen it before. thanks!!

  7. [​IMG]

    this is on StyleDrops right now. the style is listed as "shopping"
    it is priced at 1399

    I think it is the first and second picture shown at the top of this thread.

    I just went and looked on the Balenciaga site and the 2nd photo shown looks like this, but smaller. It is called Styledrops is wrong.
  8. I wonder why it's called the shopping, that's the name of a different b-bag. That bag looks very cool though, I've never seen in in real life...thanks for posting, Ashley!
  9. I found another site that I had never heard of before, Raffaello-network (?)

    well there are some nice pictures of this whistle bag....priced at 1325

    Apparently there are little whistle charms on the side of the bag, hence the name!

    Sorry if this info was posted somewhere else or if this is common knowledge....its news to me!
  10. WOW! this looks like the same bag, but like a bowling whistle bag????

  11. Daphne at BNY said that the Whistle bag has totally different leather than the other bags. I am not sure what she meant but they had it in black, red, and I think 2 other colors, maybe blue and brown :confused1: She said it is an awesome bag. I was curious how it fit over the shoulder so she had a SA put it on and she took a picture of it. I wonder if the different leather makes it heavier?
  12. I saw whistle bags at Barneys (Chestnut Hill & Boston) and the leather is different than any I have seen on any moto bags -- very thick, rich, and gorgeous.
  13. Ooooh! That blue(blueberry?) Bowling whistle is sooo cute!:heart: