Here are some Chanel prices for new bags

  1. I'm going to post my email response from an SA in NY. It will give you an idea of the costs for some of the bags.

    Country Tote
    AVAILABLE now in certain colors and stores
    Description: Quilted lambskin with calfskin trim
    Price: $1995
    Colors: Beige, white, green, and black

    50's Handbag
    AVAILABLE now in certain colors and stores
    Description: Perforated calfskin
    3 different sizes
    Prices (smallest to largest): $1580, $1875, $2395
    Colors: Yellow, orange, dark navy, and black

    AVAILABLE in March
    Description: Oversized diamond quiliting/Calfskin
    3 different sizes
    Prices: $1650 (pouchette), $2395 (classic shape), $2250 (drawstring)
    *This collection is different from the PNY collection. The bag you're referring to is definitely very similar to the one we launched for Paris NY. The one from PNY was just a zipper detail. The one from the "Expandable" collection actually zips and expands - making the bag bigger.
    Colors: White, light pink, camel, blue, and black
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  4. Thank you! Can't wait to see that "expandable" bag !
  5. ^^Here is a pic with the expandable bags.

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  8. Is the white on the expendable pouchette, or is there a smaller one in this collection?
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  12. There is a smaller bag than the one shown. I saw a picture of it at Saks but I'm unable to find a picture online. If I find one, I will post it.
  13. I'd like to see a pic of the expandable pouchette, too as I have no idea how it looks like:smile:
  14. The expandable tote in the Dark White is TDF!! I saw it IRL and was very tempted to get it.
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