Here are pictures on my TIFFANY bling I promised.

  1. Alright, for those who are the diamonds expert, here are the load downs:
    2.8 carats, G color, vvs1. I got my old(1 year old) Tiffany engagement upgraded from 1.5 carats to this. Sweet DH said I have not got any compliments after he spent 20,000 usd, so with our almost ten year anniversary coming up, and after 50,000 usd something later, here she is....
    Photo 23.jpg DSC03172.jpg Photo 25.jpg Photo 26.jpg DSC03183.jpg
  2. last one is my dh's, after my big purchase, he gotta have something to match with me. :p
  3. So I guess this is what will take to become a tiffany VIP...
  4. What does it take to get my pictures bigger? Here are the GIFT I got from the manager, the one on the left is for my DD(six yrs. old).
    DSC03178.jpg DSC03181.jpg DSC03182.jpg
  5. Everything is gorgeous:flowers: . Your ring is TDF!!:drool: :drool: . Wear them all in good health! You have a generous husband.:drinkup:
  6. pm me...I will call your hubby and pay him the biggest compliment!

    It is stunning and so are you...I think you both are lucky!
  7. Thank you. I make sure he gets your compliment.:yes: I will treasure it for a long time....I think tiffany only has one time upgrade service:graucho:
  8. How sweet of you! I make sure he gets the message. Thank you.
  9. Gorgeous!!!!

    I have the Tiffany ring but I got it over 30 years ago. Mine was only 3/4 carat but I still love it. I should upgrade. Hmmm

  10. Absolutely stunning! Wear it in good health always!
  11. OMG...all of the rings are STUNNING!!! :nuts: :love: You are beautiful, and so are your goodies! Thanks for sharing with us. That rock is amazing...
  12. Gorgeous!!!
  13. All three rings are gorgeous! Wow, he is a super wonderful husband. You are sure to get lots of compliments on your new rings. congrats. And those gifts from Tiffanys are really nice too!!!
  14. GORGEOUS! Tiffany does the best solitaires... hmmm, I'll have to remind my DH about Tiffany's upgrade policy at our 10 year anniversary too :p It's beautiful!

    Just a quick question - does Tiffany buy back your ring at the current retail and give you credit, or at the price you paid when you bought it? Is there a minimum upgrade you had to do? Thanks!
  15. your new ring is sooo beautiful! i love everything. congrats!