here are pictures of my 2 new babies

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  1. lots of you have been asking about my gucci blondie bags, so here you your heart out gals :heart:
    DSCF2073 rev.jpg DSCF2074 rev.jpg
  2. sooo cute!
  3. Very NICE! Congrats
  4. I've always had a crush on that black blondie.....lucky you!
  5. Omigod! Aaallabama! :amazed: beautiful! I originally wanted the black one that you have (without the signature red and green strip) but couldn't find it! I settled for this one. :love: You're so lucky...both are gorgeous!
    (9) Gucci Blondie Bowling Bag - 16000.JPG
  6. very pretty!
    Pursemama - I like your bag too!
  7. Thanks Kat! :love: Love Aaallabama's though...guess you can't have everything!
  8. awe, you girls are all soooooooooooo sweet :smile: ...thanks so much for lovin' my bags...yours is gorgeous too pursemama!!!

    p.s. i saw a girl on the subway tonight w/the green blondie & that was amazing too :heart:
  9. My friend is looking for that bag. Very nice. Is this what you got from eBay? LOVE LOVE!!!!!!
  10. yeppers, i got the black one on e-bay & the white one off :yes:
  11. beautiful bags, aaallabama! me lovey esp. the black one of yours and pursemama's!!!!
  12. Great bags! I have a red bag from that line that has the same stripe and gold detail like the white bag you have. Mine is a flap bag though--I just love the look! I wish I had the satchel that Pursemama has!
  13. wow, that's so cool wickedassin, i didn't know they made a red one :rolleyes:
  14. that's soooooooooooooo cool, please send pics :yes:
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