Here are pics of my collection

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Everyone's pictures in recent weeks has inspired me to get off my booty and take pictures of my toki bags (finally). I think I've been holding it off because I didn't want to freak my husband out and pull them all out at the same time. So of course I waited till he was safely out of the house when I did this. :graucho:

    I think I freaked myself out more when I pulled all my toki bags out and realized how many I have. This doesn't include the two I'm expecting in the mail: Vacanza BV and a Black Campeggio. Or the Inferno Nuvola I stashed at work. YIKES! :nuts:

    As you all can see Inferno is my favorite. I just love the colors and all those devilish characters.
  2. Great collection!! :love: I :heart: your zuccas! :drool:
  3. nice collection.
  4. Nice collection!;)
  5. I really love your notte zucca. All of a sudden I want one of those. :drool: I like your pirata zucca as well.
  6. Thanks for checking it out. I only recently bought the notte zucca because I felt I needed something black. I think it was something a tpf'er said that inspired me. She said that she has a few solids in her collection because they go well if you wear patterned items. It was like *DING* - what an awesome idea!! LOL

    I'm not loving my Pirata zucca because I'm coming to realize I'm not a huge fan of the scenes with the girls. I ready to give that one up. We shall see.
  7. I :heart: the pirata but I hate that it has brown handles and trim. :yucky: I don't really do brown so I think I used my pirata zucca like 5 times if that. :push:
  8. I like pirata but I find that I have a hard time finding anything in my wardrobe that goes with it. I don't really wear tan or brown. I wear a lot of black if anything.
  9. Funny thing is I LIKE brown and I wear it all the time but I'm just not feeling the Pirata. I think I bought it originally because the girls are definitely one of Simon's signiture characters and I felt I should own something with them on it. But when I pull out my bags to see which one I should use next, I never want to pick the Pirata, my tendency is to more the small characters. I apologize to all the Pirata lovers out there. It is a wonderful piece of artwork but it is not for me.