Here are pics of my black Prada satchel

  1. Finally got my new camera up and running, so here are pics of my new black Prada satchel. As I've mentioned in another thread, the buckles are not merely ornamental. They're functional and allow limited adjustment to length of handles (less limited if you punch more holes). Handles are also completely removable, but why remove them? they're so cute and handy (pardon the pun).

    The leather is much smoother than the enlarged picture shows (smaller thumnails are more accurate). I did so much resizing of the files that they're pretty distorted in the large version. Too many mega pixels in my new camera!

    CIMG0024 (3).JPG CIMG0025 (2).JPG CIMG0026 (2).JPG CIMG0027 (2).JPG
  2. Beautiful bag Decophile!!! The leather looks so yummy!! :love: Congrats!!
  3. Wow!!:wtf:....another beautiful bag! BAG TORTURER!
  4. LOVES IT!!!
    I was looking at possibly buying this one too..its sooooo CUTE!congrats!!:heart:
  5. Am I imagining it or does mine look bigger (wider) than the ones Sarsi and Prada Psycho were looking at? This pic is from Sarsi's post

  6. Yours IS BIGGER!!!LOL!
    Theirs is a smaller version.....I like your size best as I like bigger bags...
  7. Wow, how very delicious!:drool:
  8. Well no wonder mine was so little!! I was expecting something the size of Decophile's bag!! I thought they were all the same bag! Hey Decophile, what's the style number on yours? Does anyone have the itty bitty one that I got on Monday? What's THAT stock number?

    Geez, I wish Prada gave their bags NAMES!!! It would make life so much easier!!! :cursing:
  9. Oh, I so agree with your comment about lack of names! I didn't even know how to announce the pics I was posting: "Here are pics of my ... black Prada ... thingy!" What that hell is that?

    I'll post with the style number from home tonight.
  10. That's so cute. Thanks pursemama. I'm honored to be dubbed bad torturer by you :flowers:!
  11. It's gorgeous! You are on a roll Deco - two Fendi's and now this!!! :nuts: :smile:
  12. Lush :love:
  13. Gorgeous!!!! :love:
  14. ooohhh!!!! Decophile... its so beautiful!!!!!:love:
    I really do love this style... the minute I saw Jill's Big Antic Satchel,
    I knew somehow I will have one...
    I hope to get one like yours...:love:
  15. Prada Psycho, model # on this bag is BN1228.