Here are photos of my gorgeos CHOOs...

  1. ...That I'll be returning. :push: :sad: :crybaby:

    I've been holding onto these for a while now (because I couldn't bare to part). But, I'm finally letting them go because the color (green) is just not very flattering against my skin tone. Grrr..

    We'll, I just thought I'd share some photos of these beauties with all of you fellow shoe lovers!

    100_5013_1.jpg 100_5016_1.jpg 100_5017_1.jpg
  2. :crybaby:
  3. boo hoooo sorry they didn't work...
  4. Wow those are so gorgeous! They are from the spring/summer 2005 collection though, aren't they? Didn't think they'd still be availabe in stores somewhere....?! I've actually been looking for that Jimmy Choo style (except prefer the lighter/jade green version) in either the sandal or slide, but never could track down my size anywhere, even on eBay!
  5. Those are sorry you'll be taking them back!
  6. Butterfly, sorry they didn't work out. :sad:
  7. I love those.
  8. So sorry they didn't work out. They are gorgeous.
  9. They really are gorgeous!:love:Sorry they didn't work out for you...but you know Jimmy Choo has got tons of beautiful shoes I'm sure you will find something else that is more flattering on your skin tone:yes:
  10. whoa! those are gorggggeous!!!!! congrats!!!
  11. aww... but they look so exquisite!
  12. Oh dear! They are stunnnnning! I can't imagine that pair being non-flattering on anybody! Let's see modeling pics! :graucho:

    (But be warned, this is just a ploy to get you to keep them as I know everyone will find them gorgeous on and tell you so!)
  13. Those shoes are totally gorgeous! You can't return them! Fatefullotus is right, wear them around your house a bit and take some pics. Then you won't feel the need to some ridiculous thing like get rid of them!
  14. Awww, they really are stunning! So sorry you can't keep them!
  15. Thanks everyone...glad I was able to share these beauties with you all!

    Although, I'm rethinking my decision now because of some of you girls :supacool: ...and I'm not sure if this is a good, or bad thing.. haha


    I'm not sure which season they're from, but you're probably correct. I actually got these at bluefly (of all places).

    Oh my goodness, I had those as well, but ended up selling them on eBay a few months ago! You mean these: