Here are my three.

  1. [​IMG]
    Can't wait to add more to my small collection!
  2. very nice! love the bh.
  3. i love them all, great start!:yahoo:
  4. nice!
  5. gorgeous! i love the color of patina on your speedy.
  6. Great pieces.
  7. Very nice! Enjoy them:smile:
  8. gorgeous!!:heart: it
  9. I love your speedy's patina! Great collection!
  10. Those are great pieces-congrats!
  11. Great collections- you have lovely pieces! Welcome to TPF!
  12. ......and a great 3 they are :yes:
  13. Love the BH. It is a great bag.
  14. Very nice!
  15. Cute collection. They are all classics.