Here are my pics!

  1. These are the pics of my new birkin! I hope they come up. It is my first time using my new camera.

    At any rate, I ended up having to go and pick up the bag from Atlanta (long story).

    It was a nice trip, but unfortunately Susie (the SA who sold me the bag) was not at work Wednesday.

    Of course I had fun carrying it around as I did some shopping in Lenox and in the various outlets as I made my way back here today. Honestly, as corny as it sounds, I felt like a milion bucks. :shame:
  2. Well unfortunately it says my file exceeds the limit I am allowed. Any advice on how to trim the picture down so it will fit?:blink:
  3. You need a software to do it like PS.
  4. If you email it to me, I will resize it and post it for you.
  5. That would be great. Thank you so much. :flowers: I just sent the pics.
  6. Wow- it's gorgeous! I cropped them a little.

    removed photos per owner's request
  7. :biggrin: :biggrin: Thanks. I'm REALLY enjoying it.
  8. And the last one...
  9. OMG, she's lovely :love:
  10. What a striking beautiful color! Congrats! I love your new bag!!
  11. They're as gorgeous as the last time I see it :biggrin:

    Now I wish I had plead, cry to my dad, do whatever it takes to get the bag, or run around the house screaming "I want an ostrich birkin!!" or something crazy like that that makes my dad buys me the bag... Hahaha... No, I'm not that spoilt. But I love that bag :love:.. I wish I will have the chance to run into this bag again later in my life..

    Congrats Nathansgirl for snatching such a GREAT bag... It's a well-thought decision :amuse:
  12. OMG have the creme of the creme!! Just gorgeous...enjoy!:roflmfao:
  13. congrats! nothing beats a birkin (unless it's another birkin) .:graucho:
  14. That is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats! Raising my glass to you....*clink*!
  15. congrats! the color is TDF!