Here are my new goodies !!!!

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  1. I'm not very good in the strip tease..... so I just spill it ;)
  2. spill it! just take it all off and put it out there!
  3. Hurry! I'm at lunch and only have a few minutes left :p
  4. Ok, you need to "put out" now! It's 130 am and I need to hit the sack!
  5. Hurry Up...I have to go to the Toilet!!!:wtf:
  6. Okay here we go:

    my new Lindy:
  7. WWAAAHH! I don't see it!

    Now, I see it! You have my twin bag!!!!

    30 BJ Taurillion Clemence, right?
  8. I can't see anything! :sad:
  9. and some more:smile: ... im hurrying up here.... all stressed out:smile:
    BJlindy2.jpg Lindy&me.jpg
  10. I LOVE IT.


    Gotta Run!!!:wtf:
  11. I can see it, and I like it. Congratulations!
  12. AND that is not all ...... I still had something coming.... some fever... lots of people got that fever lately :smile:
  13. thank you Fdl I was trying going tooo fast here... forgot to download ...
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. :graucho:let's see or I can do this right... no more restroom breaks ?:smile: