Here are my new bags!

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  1. I've been waiting to collect these over the past few weeks...and they're all here! All my new bags that I :heart:
    Seattle really came through for me....both of the campeggios are just what I wanted! Also, a pic of my smokey inferno denaro which is now officially "desmoked" and my new o. p. stellina which I'm in :heart:with! totally! Let me know what you guys think! (I sure can't do this with dh...then he'd be paying attention!)

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  2. And here's my new stellina! I knew it had the one latte perfectly centered on the back..but it had bonus lattes!! I was so happy when I got it and saw those!:heart:

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  3. nice, i wanted to get an original stellina today off of ebay but thanks to more family bills not happening.
  4. And new inferno campeggio & denaro!!! Love all the mummys she found for me! And Ipod girl & tree & ghosts! I got pic happy...taking these w/my new camera I got for Mom's day!

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  5. sorry to hear that. We've just been hit w/more car repairs...and other things, but I'm going to work to pay off my cc!
  6. awww...yay! soooo cute!!! (esp. ur paradiso and stellina!) you're making me excited about my new bags waiting to arrive...!
  7. Thanks! I was sooooo excited to get an original print stellina! Especially at a good price! I thought they didn't even exist anymore!
  8. aw. it's okay it'll get better! car things are never fun!
  9. I thought they didn't exist either. You got it from the outlet, wow! All of your bags and the denaro are fantastic! I'm jealous. I really want your paradiso campeggio it looks very similar to the one I wanted on ebay awhile ago. Enjoy! ;)
  10. Oops! Sorry BW....I got the o. stellina and the denaro off of ebay!

    The campeggios came from the Seattle Outlet! She was so good to find them for me! She may have more April at Seattle outlet!:tup:
  11. Looove all your bags! The inferno denaro is so cute! Seeing your original stellina.. I can't wait to get mine which I bought off of ebay as well (slow seller..arghhh)
  12. i need to get a denaro and caramella with vampire bunnies!

    hehe. i just got my original denaro yesterday and I know for a lot it's a small wallet but it's very functional to me!
  13. congrats on your new bags, annie! love the inferno campeggio &denaro! i'm getting an eBay original print stellina too.. the bf is going to be think i'm insane.but it was a good price.. hahaha:drool:
  14. Ooooo...where did you find an original denaro? I would love a small item in the print.
  15. i'm so jealous of your bags! the pinkhaired girl on paradiso is my favorite :smile: