Here are my Mom's new diamond studs!

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  1. Last week I posted about whether to get .50ctw rounds or .75ctw princesses based on cut vs. ctw.... and after several replies reinforcing "cut is king" I decided that quality did indeed rule over quantity... and then wound up doubling the total carat weight.:P

    Sooo... no modeling pics of them on her ears as of yet, but I'll get those at some point in the future.... but here are the pics of the earrings themselves.

    I ordered them from Blue Nile using the "build your own earrings" thingie, and I'm pretty pleased with the whole experience!

    Stats: .92ctw (2 x .46ct) round I color SI1 clarity ideal cut/polish/symmetry These suckers SPARKLE!

    Here's a shot of them in the box, natural light... I'm inside & it's slightly cloudy outside. You can definetely see that they have some warmth/yellow in them.


    Here's an attempt at a close-up so you can kind of see the arrows, again you can see that they're not colorless.

  2. WOW what a great present!
    Youre such a great daughter, id love to be in a position when im older to buy my mum such great gifts! I have my diamonds in right now and they are no where near as spectacular as these, although mine are abit smaller! they look like CZ i think!
    Gorgeous! well done on picking out such a great gift!
  3. For those of you who are worried about color, and knowing that my earrings are "I" colored, rest assured, they look pretty darn white in brighter settings... here's a couple more shots when the sun peeked out from behind the clouds... all these pictures are taken INSIDE my bedroom, with just the light from outside leeking in. No artificial lights used.

    With just a bit more light, look how they brighten up... still on the warm color side, but defintely not as dark.


    And here's another shot.... they look pretty white, no? And now you can see the packaging and size better....

  4. Thank you! My mum just turned the big SIXTY, and I thought they'd be a nice way to mark it...she'll be retiring in a couple years, so I figured it'd be fun for her to have some bling until then. She never buys anything for herself, and the only jewellery she wears are earrings and the occasional brooch. LOL I saved up a little bit for these... they're definitely not something I make a habit of buying! (I wish! ) ;)
  5. Okay... last picture for now...

    I managed to get a shot of one of the many flashes of color these earrings bounces back. And, for comparison's sake, I put my e-ring into the picture. The diamond in my e-ring is .70ct, D, VS1, ideal cut... I am now convinced having an ideal cut is the best way to go for any color or clarity or carat weight!!

    I'm happy to say that my Mom was pleased with the earrings, and promised to wear them every day to work! :tup:

  6. [​IMG]
    Stunning! Your mom is a lucky lady, and you're a great daughter!
  7. Very nice -- what a lovely gift!!
  8. lovely--what a perfect gift:tup:
  9. Soo sparkly and pretty! What a sweet gift :smile:
  10. WOW, the pictures of them in the Blue Nile box are stunning. That cut is definitely amazing! You are very generous!
  11. this is a really great picture. i'm so glad that she said that she promises to wear them everyday to work. i'd be thrilled to receive a present like this:P:nuts::crybaby:, lol, mix of emotions HAHA
  12. They look awesome!
    It is so wonderful for you to get your mom such a spectacular present!
  13. JKP, what a lovely present for your mom. i agree that its much better spent than a LV (but i'm sure there will be more of those in the future :graucho: ). congrats to your mommy! :smile:
  14. that's so awesome of you...lucky mommy!
  15. Very nice. What a great child.