Here are my first two LV purchases from HK!

  1. My boyfriend and I visited two different LV boutiques yesterday, and here is what I got:

    Yep! Two boxes!!!

    First box: As expected, here are my grey Obsession Carré sunglasses. They are so well made, I loveeee the monogram on the arms, these are worth every penny I paid! I didn't know they came in two widths, but I chose the smalled one instead because the others were slightly wider and bigger too. I got them @ the Landmark LV (flagship)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    mini-Image032.jpg mini-Image033.jpg mini-Image034.jpg mini-Image039.jpg mini-Image040.jpg
  2. very nice Karman! next box pleaseeee
  3. Here are some modeling pics. They seem to be the only LV sunnies that fit my face shape:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    mini-Image035.jpg mini-Image037.jpg
  4. Looks great!!! And what is in the second box???? How long will you be in Hong Kong?
  5. looks great karman!! what's in the other box?!?!?!?
  6. The next box is really nothing special, so no strip tease :p The air conditioning in HK buildings and the train can get pretty bad, so I bought this to keep me warm inside:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I had my phone camera on self-timer and my boyfriend was sitting down on his mattress watching the Matrix when he heard my cell phone timer beeps and asked "What the heck is that?!" so I smiled and said I'm taking pics for the forum. After that the camera took the pic and he just rolled his eyes at me and went back to his movie.
    mini-Image042.jpg mini-Image043.jpg mini-Image044.jpg
  7. Nice! What's in the 2nd one??

    Nevermind, I see it! Gorgeous shawl!
  8. I also mentioned in my other thread that my boyfriend was getting the LV Cup tie...well, we saw it in LV Pacific Place (where I got my shawl first) and I asked if he was going to get it but he wanted to buy it @ LV Landmark. Surprise surprise, LV Landmark only had one left and it was sold. Soooo...he was a tad disappointed but he wasn't going to wear his tie in HK anyway. We're going to get it next week and maybe the mini pochette for my birthday too.
  9. karman...those are the exact 2 things on my wishlist now! :biggrin: i'm so glad you posted photos!!! congrats and i hope you're having a good time in HK!!
  10. ahhh love the shawl karman! and the sunglasses are perfect on you
  11. I'm here until June 6th. June 5th in North America ;)
  12. you look beautiful karman! the glasses in grey are stunning and beautiful shawl :heart:
  13. gorgeous!! enjoy ur LV and HK!
  14. Karman! The sunglasses look SO good on you! Congrats!!
  15. great purchases! sunnies look awesome on ya!