Hercule Poirot on TV - help needed!

  1. Hello Agatha fans!

    I know that this is not a forum to post this thread, but we need all support that we can get.

    I am sure that a lot of you have heard about David Suchet and his famous acting as Hercule Poirot. Almost all of the books with Poirot have been filmed... Almost... Still 12 is missing...

    So, there are no founds to keep filming the missing 12 books and the TV company decided to cut the expenses and finish the project. So sad :crybaby:

    The next books are missing:

    The Big Four
    Murder on the Orient Express
    Three-Act Tragedy
    Appointment with Death
    Mrs McGinty's Dead
    Dead Man's Folly
    Cat Among The Pigeons
    The Clocks
    Third Girl
    Hallowe'en Party
    Elephants Can Remember
    The Labors of Hercules (Short Story Collection)
    The Lemesurier Inheritance (Short Story)

    A group of fans have created the next online petition to keep filming Poirot with Suchet. You can go to the next link and see people all around the world signing...


    Please, if you can spare a 5 minutes of your time, do sign the petition. Also, if there is a chance to resend this message to everybody you know that will support us, do so.

    We fans of the Poirot on TV appreciate your help.

    P.D. I do appologise for my bad English, it is not my native language.