1. At SF they had an Herbag in orange and red. It was really cute! I haven't heard a lot about these so I was wondering if any of you have any info, like price and if you have one would you recommend it? :flowers:
    Just asking for informational purposes only, of course. :graucho:
  2. H - I LOVE my Herbag - I know they're not everyone's favourite, but I adore mine. It's very versitile, AND you get to swap the bottom part around (I have cream toile and black toile to choose from, both with vache naturelle leather, both the same size). The thing I really like is you don't have to "baby" hem too much AND my SA told me the toile can be cleaned up if it gets grubby (if you get a light colour).

    It's like a VERY casual Kelly IMO - because it's almost the same shape (if you get a similar one to mine).

    Here's a pic - let me know if you have any more questions!! I really love the Herbag line!
  3. Pic of my herbag:
  4. Kristie, Thank you so much for the information and the picture! Yours is so pretty!!!! I think it's neat that it's two bags in one. :graucho:

    Thanks again for your help! :flowers:

    Hmmm orange and red.... :smile:
  5. Wow Kristie - that's neat! Can you give dimensions? I know they come in different sizes - and does it also have a shoulder strap?
  6. Shoes - I have a HerBag in all black with palladium that is more a travel bag combo. Large one is equivalent to 50 cm and holds enough for a few days. Smaller one is 40 cm on the bottom measurement, but is also not as deep, so it's good for an overnight. There is a shoulder strap.
  7. K - I really love the natural/toile combo. It's brilliant! And I like the smaller size, too - mine is practical, but it's HUGE....
  8. Those are really nice. I was thinking of getting one to alternate with my Kelly during the summer. I was concerned about keeping the bag clean so I am glad to hear the toile can be cleaned. Kristie, is it easy to swap out the toile part??
  9. Great info, thanks!
  10. Thanks again for the info! :flowers: I was thinking about this bag all last night. :nuts: Will have to take a better look on Saturday if it is still there. (I hope!) :wlae: I love how the closure has the round Hermes thingy like my agenda and my future Dogon wallet. I just think that's so cute. Does anyone know how much they are? :girlsigh: Thanks again! :heart:

    Eeek I am getting obsessed with this one now! LOL One more question, are they difficult to get in different colors? This was the only one I've ever seen in SF so I'm just wondering if it's something other stores usually have or if they are more hard to find? Thanks!
  11. I love, Love, LOVE herbags!!! I have two cabas herbags - one with vibrato and canvas "bags"! - and the other canvas - and they are the most comfortable and versatile bags to carry! I also have a GM size - with both black canvas - one is HUGE and the other more like an overnight size. I have to admit that the herbags are my favorite to carry from a practical point of view (most comfy, hold the most "stuff", etc).

    I only wish they'd consider custom designing the "bags" - as I'd love to get a black/white/grey vibrato bag for my black leather herbag. I asked two SA's and both said that the only way to get replacement bags is to purchase an entire new purse...errrghhh! :hysteric:

  12. Oh wow, guys! I like this bag too! Very classy looking! (runs off to do more research on bags)....:smile:
  13. Nefarious, Oh I love the vibrato ones. I haven't seen one in person just online but they look so pretty! Thanks for the info. I am really, really interested now after hearing such great things about them. :wlae: I'll have to ask this weekend about different color combinations and how hard they are to find. I did really like the orange and red, but I like the black or natural or dark brown too. It would be nice to get one light, one dark canvas like natural and brown. Or orange and dark brown! :love:
    Hautemom, it's really cute isn't it! That's one thing about Hermes, I'm always, ALWAYS adding to my wish list! :upsidedown:
  14. Hi Shoes!

    Yep - it comes with a shoulder strap......not sure of the dimensions, I'll measure it and post later!!!:yes:
  15. What are the price ranges for a Herbag?