Herbag, which color should I choose?

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  1. Hi Hermes lovers,
    I know that I'm late in this game, but I just realized that a herbag does not cost an arm and a leg (silly me!:shame: ) and it's being discontinued.
    I called a couple of stores, and so far I've heard of the following color combinations available and wonder which one will suit me better:
    About me: I wear a lot of black, brown, red, and burgundy.Having an office job and I prefer being understated when it comes to fashion.

    About the bag colors: I heard of a
    creme/black combo,
    Brown/brown vibrato
    brown/orange vibrato

    I personally love the vibrato leather, and I am currently leaning towards the brown/orange combo. But I'm wondering if the color goes well with my wardrobe. creme/black is more versatile color wise, but I really want to get a bag that is made of LEATHER...
    So any suggestions ladies?

    Thank you very much!:heart:
  2. I have it in brown/orange vibrato and I love it. It goes with everything. Much more neutral than you'd imagine.
  3. Brown/orange vibrato...I would love one of those! :love:
  4. where is the cream/black combo (if you decide you don't want it)? Are they still charging full price or a sale price? My privately owned boutique had the vibratto for about $2700 or more a month or so ago.
  5. ^^^^^Well, that narrows your choice down to the vibratos.:P
  6. Thank you ladies!
    Lizhanover, I actually don't know where it was. I called the store in Houston (which was totally random. I guess I called that store because I just visited Houston last month for a business trip--not even the boutique!) A very friendly French lady picked up the phone, and she told me that she had a brown/vibratto and she had a cream/black. She offered to get one for me from a different store, which would take a week or two.

    She was really nice. I called the Boston store first, and the only response I got was a cold voice from a guy who told me that they didn't have any and he refused to locate one for me. I asked, "so should I just call other boutiques one by one?" and he went, "yes." then hung up. It was RUDE.
    So if you want one, call the store in Houston.

    Hope it helps!

    I think that they are full price... Why did you think that they would be on sale? And it cost about $2,700? Then Bluefly sounds like a sweet deal assuming it's the real deal......
  7. They were on sale per Pierre in Manhattan store at the last sale. My local boutique has wierd prices sometimes - they are private but I remember being surprised. Maybe she said $2400. The bluefly one is reasonably priced - I just looked and its pretty - just realize they can not repair vibratto but then in NY they won't repair the toile/canvas one either as far as I was told.
  8. I guess so :P

    Well, the leather top's color looks really yummy to me and I guess that's why I liked it so much.

    I actually looked at the orange tone bag in the Boston boutique about 2 years ago if not even longer than that. It took my breath away. I was practically broke graduated from grad. school so I just looked at it again and again.

    hermesgroupie, you are in NYC right? I just moved to the city from Boston not long ago. I also just discovered this forum (I'm on tFS all the time). I spent my entire morning reading threads regarding the herbag on this forum, and I found it highly organized and informative. Thank you everybody for the great job putting so much information together. It's a great place to learn and share the joy :heart:
  9. Were they on sale in the public sale or the sale only available to VIPs? (I'm no VIP, just a starter :shame: ).

    Why can't they repair Vibratto? When I read through all threads regarding the Herbag, someone said that they did and she suspected that the specific SA was probably not in a good mood. No?:sad:
  10. ^^^^Welcome, to both TPF and NYC! Yes, I remember seeing you on TFS. If you intend to start shopping at the Madison Avenue store, let me know, I'll introduce you to my SA.
  11. Sorry but one more question Liz. What was the on sale price for the Vibratto?
  12. That was me - I said Pierre might have been in a bad mood when he told me they wouldn't repair the LEATHER on the herbag - the top part - but Eric in Malaysia got his repaired - the vibrato they definately can not repair so far as I know
  13. It is very nice of you!:nuts: My only experience there was to purchase a baby towl for my nephew, but I was so impressed by the store. It's so beautiful. :heart:
  14. Again I don't know the sale prices- Pierre told me that I should have bought a new one at the sale - that's all I know!
  15. It does make me worry a little. Somebody on tFS said that somebody's vibratto got split b/w the leather pieces. My SA at Hermes assured me that it wouldn't happen but it still makes me worry. It's my first Hermes bag so I guess that you could understand why I'm so nervous......