Herbag to travel... or not to travel ...

  1. Is this bag suitable for an everyday-bag.
    For a guy?

    eBay.be: auth HERMÈS Travel Bag *SAC HERBAG A DOS* two in one (object 290061716289 eindtijd 11-jan-07 20:55:29 CET)

    I would like this bag because its washable so I don't have to take care of it..
    I am afraid it's going to be over the top...
    But I like big bags...
    I really like this bag so much!
    And a little dry cleening and it's ready to go...
    I work in an office so I don't want them to think that I am going to travel or
    something ...

    The seller won't give me additional pics :crybaby:
    and I've never seen this irl

    What do you girls/guys think?



  2. CDL - the seller dzwmz is 1st class, only sells authentic. I have bought from her and she was an absolute doll. Her English isn't so great but she'll give 200%.

    I have this bag in a smaller version (40) and that already is HUGE! as in HUMUNGOUS!. So if you want the travel version as an everyday bag you might be overwhelmed as things will roll/fly around in it. The sheer size of even the smaller version of mine (35) has caused me to seriously consider a purse insert. So, the travel size is a great bag but as I said, HUGE! Oh, and HEAVY! Yes, the Herbag is heavy!
    I am not sure about the washing/dry cleaning option but they are easy to keep clean. The toile is covered and holds up great.

  3. Glad to hear the seller is great!
    That always is important IMO.
    I would like to carry it in my hand or on my shoulder.
    Just to carry essentials like wallet, cigarettes, a book, etc...
    I don't mind it sagging.
    Just want it to look normal.. You know?
    Do you have a picture holding your 40cm HB?

    Thx alot


    ps: other comments, pictures, etc.. are always welcome guys!
  4. The sagging won't probably be a problem because of the way the toile is covered. It is quite stiff.
    This is me with my big Herbag (I am 5' 11"). It has my laptop and a bunch of work papers in it as well as the stuff that I normally shlepp around. Also have a look at some of the posts by Eric Fam, he has a black Herbag.
  5. Woops I can't see a pic... :sad:
  6. Now it's there.
  7. thx for the pic!

    It looks ab fab on you!

    I am still hesitating on buying the bag...
    Do you think it looks good ? (I mean the cond. of the leather, etc...)

    How much would this bag retail if they still sold it (bec. i heard it's disc.)

    I really love this bag!
    And as long it's not TOOO big on me..
    Just want to have a daily bag that can go with me everywhere..

    ps: thx alot for all your help!:choochoo:
  8. CDL, I think the price is good.
    I believe Luxury Zurich also have one on their site (in black I believe - perhaps also in natural, I forget....) and that is similarly priced.
    Good luck!!
  9. PS: I think it is in acceptable condition. You have seen the stains, yes? GF told me that she could get out stains with soap flakes and a nailbrush.

    Please have a look again at the model that carries the bag ------- it is really HUGE as in 'you and your friends can live in it'.

    I wonder (just thinking out loud here..... OK) if a Garden Party might not be better suited to your needs??? There is a gorgeous tweed one right now on eBay.
  10. yes saw it today and it's really pretty...
    But not quite suited for a guy I think (did a poll on this and everybody said: big NO NO!)
    And I know myself, I'll carry it 0 times.
    I'm afraid that this is going to happen with the herbag.
    But I really love it.
    I'm hesitating to push that buy it now button :rolleyes:
  11. CDL there's another one on eBay in black and white in a more user-friendly size. If you're interested I'll dig up the link. It's 500 USD
  12. yes it's quite nice but too small for a man -bag I think

    There's one here in belgium but also too small...
  13. CDL - if you have some patience, then wait it out. My size of Herbag will come again, I have waited for it as well. I honestly don't think that you would be happy with the Travel Bag size for every day and it is too much money to spend on a bag you don't use.
    If I ever want to sell mine, you'll be the first on my list ;) ... but it won't happen in the near future....