Herbag still available?

  1. Hello all,
    I'm fairly new to Hermes and recently discovered the Herbag which I absolutely love! I know it's a discontinued style, but is it still possible to get one, preferably from a store, or is eBay the only way to go? Any pointers on how I could locate one would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks much!
  2. Just go into H and ask them! They aren't made anymore but there are still probably some around...Good luck!
  3. From what I understand H has discontinued so if you want to buy them directly from H, it would be in back stock or you may be able to get them from a private H store in Neiman Marcus or the Mitchell's/Richard's in Connecticut. They had a ton at the sample sale in 2006 but not in 2007. Bluefly had one the other day as well. eBay may be a good option too.
  4. I think NM in Troy, Michigan MAY have some. PM me if you need the contact information or name of the SA!
  5. ^^Bluefly still had one this afternoon

    LZ has one right now, less than Bluefly, prettier than Bluefly
  6. Probably no use to you if you are US based but there was a brown herbag in the Hermes shop in Manchester England today. Very handsome specimen.
  7. Thanks for all your suggestions! I am happy to announce that I bought a new brown Her bag off eBay from a fellow pfer! :yahoo: Will post pics once I get the bag!!
  8. Congratulations!