Herbag puzzle

  1. so in honor of my new baby (live one -- not the leather kind), a few girlfriends chipped in and bought me a Herbag -- knowing my new-found lust for all things Hermes they thought it would make a chic and practical diaper bag. a sweet and generous gesture but i have no idea how to work this thing! isn't it supposed to come with instructions so mechanically challenged people like me know how to use it? anyway, i searched the forum for a how-to and didn't find anything with pictures (i am a visual person) so i thought you guys might be amused watching me struggle to decipher this handbag puzzle (and hopefully this might help others who are similarly confused about the Herbag).

  2. oh there is definitely another thread out there about this. it was a long time ago - another poster was just close to tears trying to figure hers out. while they are notorious for being a bit tricky, i think once you get the hang of it, it will be a really terrific bag for you, and might i add that you have some of the best friends ever!
  3. Congrats on the Herbag! I LOVE that bag! Thinking of scouting for one myself!
  4. what a pretty herbag! i've always wondered how hard those would be to switch out....now i know :smile:

    unrelated, but i would *love* to see pics of the herbag being modeled....i've never seen it "on" before. any chance?? :shame:
  5. It's not hard to do, it's just hard to explain. :p

    You unscrew the round end of the main top rod (marked "Hermes") on the right and the crazy thing comes off, attached to a little dog tag chain that also pops off/separates. So you pop the little chain off and remove the metal bar (watch how your original was threaded!) and rethread your new bag exactly as the first one was.

    Does that make ANY sense???? I'm now kinda doubting it!

    Congratulations! I understand they're discontinuing the Herbag, so you got in on the last of them. Very handy grab and go, beat em up, non "precious" bags. After you use it for a while, it could be great for hauling your baby things. (or not :p )
  6. ok. so here's what i've figured out so far:

    the strap is held onto the bag by a metal rod that runs through the back of the bag with circles on the end that look like the closure on my dogon wallet (blurry picture #1) and matches the closure on the front -- nice touch!

  7. ^^^ yep, it's that dogon wallet closure button end thingy that unscrews. The one on the right as you're looking at the front.
  8. here's a picture of the back part of the bag that the metal rod runs through and that also attaches the handle to the bag


    thanks katel! i will try it now . . .
  9. let us know how it goes... :smile:
  10. See that dangly thing in Kick's pic? It's a Trim clasp on a piece of leather that's supposed to hang inside the bag at the back, threaded through the back knob (just like her pic shows).

    Does anyone know what that thing is used for? It can't be keys, can it? There's a nice big pocket underneath...
  11. YES! got the right circle off (it unscrews -- the left one doesn't). when i unscrewed the circle this keychain like thing came out and i detached it from the circle (it works like one of those cheapo keychains you can buy at the drugstore)


  12. Yay! Yep, you're there. Now when you thread, just match the way it is with your black bag.

    I have found screwing the round Hermes closure back on is a little tricky cuz the silly key chain link keeps flopping around. But if, after you attach it, you tip it up, it falls down into the long rod and you can rescrew the Hermes round end closure.
  13. with the end off, i can pull the whole rod out (the keychain part disappears inside the rod). the top handle comes out (a nice touch -- it's actually two pieces of leather so the unfinished side faces inward, though it's not glued together for some reason)

  14. now on to removing the flap . . . this is exhausting!

    thank you for holding my hand through this katel.
  15. so i "unlaced" the leather straps from the side of the bag but can't figure out how to remove the leather flap part -- does the metal knob unscrew or something?