Herbag or Victoria for travel to carribean

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  1. Hi all,
    Does anyone ever use either bag for travel? I'm looking for a new bag that's suitably casual and lightweight for both flight and while there. I'm leaning towards herbag but would love to hear thoughts...thanks!
  2. I used my Herbag when i went on my vacay this past may and loved it. hard to get in and out sometimes but I made it work. I like top handle bangs and not so much shoulder bags because they slip off my shoulders but my herbag stayed put so it was nice to be hands free. I don't have the victoria bag as i'm not a fan of it's aesthetic but it looks like it may be easier to get in and out of compared to the herbag. inserted an airport bathroom selfie with my herbag hope this helps

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  3. Took my ususal pacsafe crossbody to visit Carribean islands.
    Because sea kayak, snorkel, etc. not h bag activities, imo.

    My vicster is very easy to use. Lightweight.
    Squared design refuses to topple over in speeding vehicles.
    But, no, not used to travel overseas/beaches.

    Enjoy trip.

  4. hi remainsilly - what is a pacsafe? Is that a brand name? Thanks.
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  6. The Victoria is a great airplane and travel bag. I carry a clutch or evelyne tpm in it if I want a smaller bag for the vacation itself.
  7. Tks! I'm leaning toward Victoria as it seems more versatile.
  8. Vic or lindy
    Great travelling companion