herbag MM-to keep or not to keep?

  1. hi,

    i'm having a little unnecessary dilemma:upsidedown:...ok, it's not a big one since this isn't a major purchase, but still...i think i'm going a little:weird:

    last month i posted my thread that i got my first hermes bag, the herbag MM. however, since i got my kelly 32, i think i like this size more. and now i'm thinking whether i should keep the herbag MM or should i sell it and try to get the smaller herbag size (which i think is similar size to the kelly 32?). i'm kind a reluctant cause the medium herbag was my first hermes bag, but on the other hand i think i'd like the smaller size more. i wish i can have both, but i really shouldn't....

    also, how easy would it be to find the smaller size herbag (like razorbackbelle0's) since the herbags have been discontinued?

    another thing is, would the smaller size look better on me or would the medium size look better? i've attached pics of the medium size one i have now....

    what should i do:sweatdrop:?

    any suggestions would be appreciated and thank you so much:flowers:
    herbagnoflash.jpg herbagplisse.jpg
  2. maria, I'd keep it. :smile:
  3. The medium-sized one looks good on you.
  4. J.....do you use the Herbag as a handbag or a tote?
  5. i've only used it once and it was to take my son to his mom and tots class. i thought that since it's light, big, and has shoulder strap, it'll make a great everyday bag....but now i think it's too big when i want to use it as a handbag as well. also, i actually already have lots of everyday mom bags (such as the paris biarritz tote and speedy's)..
  6. I think we all have a place in our handbag collection for a wonderful, large tote and this one really fits the bill, J. I use a canvas Foure Toute (sp?) to haul lots of stuff around.....but your Herbag has style to spare! And now you have that gorgeous Kelly as your everyday bag......
  7. I think you answered it yourself; you think it´s too big and you already have other everyday mom bags. Maybe sell it and get something nice to replace it with.
  8. What Nola said:yes:

    +1 on selling it... I don't know about availabilty of the smaller ones.
    I do see them on eBay from time to time but eBay can be such a total fraud zoo! Make sure it's kosher.
  9. Someone somewhere in the world is hoping you'll sell it....to her/him!

    The herbag is a discontinued item. It's value has grown tremendously because of it - this is of course, only in the eyes of H-aficionados.

    I am the proud owner of two Herbags - the MM that you have, and the cabas version. Both are black. I am patiently waiting(it's been three years) for a friend to have a moment of weakness and in an instance of opportunist glee, I shall buy her Herbag cabas....since hers is the beige canvas and natural leather version. There are so many combinations, I wish I had been able to afford more when they were easily available. The bags are quintessentially Hermes. And very inexcessive in terms of style.

    In my opinion, I wouldn't sell it. It's almost irreplacable. And I don't think I would go the eBay route for an Herbag. The bags are quite well-faked, I believe.

    I say, use it for a lot longer and get another bag when the time is right.
  10. I would keep it. It's a discontinued collector's item. It makes a fabulous tote, and the size looks great on you. I think you would regret it if you let it go. Just my 2 cents.
  11. the bag is gorgeous
    but perhaps is a little bit too big for u???
  12. I'd keep it because it's a gorgeous, fab collector's item. Finding one the same size as mine shouldn't be too tough, and they're not that expensive (in terms of H anyway) :flowers:
  13. Oh, I am soooo jealous! You have the size that I wanted from the get-go, and I have the size that you want!

    Isn't that always how it goes? :s
  14. i would keep it. the herbag has always been a fav of mine and the size looks fine to me
  15. I was trying to figure out how to edit my response, because I realized how awkward my comment was. I wasn't trying to insinuate anything...