Herbag How it works / Interchangeable?

Mar 21, 2007
New England;Southern NH
Hi everyone. I just purchased a pre-loved Herbag. I know it will need a bit of cleaning (I am prepared to carefully do that or send it out) but I love the idea of 2 purses in one. And I am a Hermes beginner...

Here's what I purchased:

See how the black sac has lower strap openings to make the bag a backpack of sorts? I notice how not all sacs have the lower openings
Does anyone know if the Herbag sacs are interchangeable? Because if they are, I may also get this one:
Interesting how it says that the strap length is not adjustable. Hmm.

I'm just looking for insight as to how these work.
Thanks so much in advance!


Jack's H-Mama
Jun 5, 2008
Long Island, NY
Congrats on your bag. I have the hErbag with the black canvas and the beige toile.

*Good idea- cover the handles with a twilly or other small scarf. this will keep your palms from darkening the handles if you sweat.