Her parents should be tossed into jail [vid]

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  1. Omg this is pathetic how can parents let their child get to this condition what is happening to this world...she should be taken away from her parents wow!
  2. OMG! I am stunned!
  3. Her parents are IDIOTS.
  4. Awful, i'm glad to see that she's been able to lose weight. It should have never happened though.
  5. They could have been poor...but then again, if they can afford to feed her eight hot dogs in one sitting as a so-called "snack," then they weren't THAT broke. Sounds like they just had a bad case of mixed up priorities.

    And in many places there is medical care for poor children. Most of the children that we deal with at work are covered under Peach Care (a state of GA program) or Medicaid. And most doctors' offices and hospitals can--in certain cases--put patients (or the parents of minor patients) on some type of payment plan. So I don't think the healthcare industry (or lack thereof) is too much to blame.

    Everything in my opinion falls back on the parents, who could have gotten help, probably, if they'd acted sooner and/or more intelligently. Shame on them.

  6. You know, both my husband and I are considered obese. We have a 5-year-old and I often wonder if we under feed him since we are so afraid he will turn into us. It is so scary to think he would suffer the way that we did...I am so sad for that little girl...
  7. ^^^Sunnyfreckles, your post makes me sad.
    When we have our children, our hearts really are walking around outside of our bodies.

    While I'm sure that you are using your maternal instints to provide the right diet for your son, I hope you find a happy balance that reassures you that you are doing the right things!
  8. Actually, Maury over here has been showing re-runs & the one with her was on last week. I was disgusted that both Maury & her mother found it hilarious to make light of the situation by saying 'I hear you can speak French' to which the girl replied 'yearup! French Fries! French Fries'!

  9. damn shame :cursing:
  10. I just started to cry when seeing this...you know, I am sure that we had hell growing up in one way or another, and that was mine. I have this perfect 5-year-old with no worries yet and no idea what it means to get his feelings hurt...I can only pray that he won't face the same problems I did...so we just try everyday to make sure we are doing the right thing. That is the best I can do! :girlsigh:
  11. Yea I remember that! She said "French fries and french toast," and everyone laughed. :rolleyes::cursing:

    I seriously doubt this girl has a medical condition (this is just my opinion, I'm not a doctor, nor have I examined her). She's been to many doctors over the years. Many. And all find nothing wrong with her. I think this is a compounded case of genetics (her mother and grandmum are big) and overfeeding.
  12. WOW that is so wrong.:cursing:
  13. Wow shocking... that's child abuse imo... at such a young age how many more yrs. can she live in this condition?!