Her parents should be tossed into jail [vid]

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  1. Well, I would hope they took her to more than one doctor. The first might not catch something but another one might be able to find something.
    I'm glad they were finally able to go something but it took 4 years. I'm surprised someone didn't intervene sooner.
  2. wow, her parents seriously need to take actions, so their daughter can be healthy. jessica's on a dangerous road and she needs help to get off of it. i wish her nothing but the best and a healthy life.
  3. Obviously didn't work...
  4. That just made me cry, no child should have to live like that. I totally think this is abuse and neglect. Too sad.
  5. It is possible that this child has Prader Willi syndrome. It is not normal for anyone, let alone a child, to gain that much weight so quickly. Even if the parents were force feeding her day and night, it is just impossible.

    Definition Return to top
    Prader-Willi syndrome is a congenital (present from birth) disease characterized by obesity, decreased muscle tone, decreased mental capacity, and hypogonadism.
    Causes, incidence, and risk factors Return to top
    Prader-Willi is caused by the deletion of a gene on chromosome 15. The majority of patients have a deletion of the father's DNA in this region. The remaining patients frequently have two copies of the mother's chromosome 15. The maternal copy of this gene is turned off in all people. When there is a deletion of the father's DNA (approximately 70% of patients), the disease occurs. This is because the patient is left with only the inactive, maternal copy.
    Signs of Prader-Willi may be seen at birth. New infants with the condition are often small and very floppy (hypotonic). Male infants may have undescended testicles. The growing child exhibits slow mental and delayed motor development, increasing obesity, and characteristically small hands and feet.
    Rapid weight gain may occur during the first few years because the patient develops uncontrollable hunger which leads to morbid obesity.
    Mental development is slow, and the IQ seldom exceeds 80. However, children with Prader-Willi generally are very happy, smile frequently, and are pleasant to be around.
    Affected children have an intense craving for food and will do almost anything to get it. This results in uncontrollable weight gain. Morbid obesity (the degree of obesity that seriously affects health) may lead to respiratory failure with hypoxia (low blood oxygen levels), cor pulmonale (right-sided heart failure), and death.
    Symptoms Return to top
    • Floppy newborn infant (hypotonic)
    • Small for gestational age
    • Undescended testicles in the male infant
    • Delayed motor development
    • Slow mental development
    • Very small hands and feet in comparison to body
    • Rapid weight gain
    • Insatiable appetite, food craving
    • Almond-shaped eyes
    • Narrow bifrontal skull
    • Morbid obesity
  6. Very interesting, Roo. Thanks for posting that!
  7. That is so sick...they should take her away from her parents and put her in state custody and place her in some sort of weight loss facility. It is all just so very sad...
  8. It is possible she has some sort of medical problem, but her parents should have her being seen by many more DR's and having this taken care of.

    It is really sad.

    I watched this on Maury when it was on... and if m memory serves me right, the parents were feeding her some amount of obscene hot dogs, like 8 for a snack.
  9. OMG, 8 hot dogs?!

    I can only eat 2 as a meal at a cookout before getting sick!
  10. She has lost the weight since then more than 150lbs but she still has trouble walking, because her legs bowed so severly. Maury did an update show on her a while back. She looks like a total different person now.
  11. Poor little one. She has to have something more than just overeating, though it appears that overeating is also a factor. As much as I overate, it took a heck of a lot longer than 2 years for me to get to be 360 pounds, and I am an adult. I find it hard to believe this child can even breathe!
  12. For the past three weeks we have brought you the story of JESSICA, the young girl who reached 400 pounds and was forced to get around by rolling because her morbid obesity made it difficult to not only walk, but even to breathe.

    But happily, a dramatic transformation has begun for the bright little girl. "The Insider"'s VICTORIA RECAÑO traveled to Jessica's hometown just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, where she was hospitalized with breathing problems.

    Soon after her hospital stay, Jessica was able to take the first steps in battling her weight as she headed to a children's hospital in Virginia. It was there where she successfully lost nearly 300 pounds!

    Although significantly smaller and now capable of doing what other children her age do -- like playing with a hula hoop -- Jessica still suffers from the ramifications of being overweight for so long.

    Jessica gradually became bow-legged as she grew, her legs unable to withstand the pressure from the extra pounds, resulting in a number of surgeries to help repair her legs.

    Pins and braces were implanted in her legs to help straighten them and they will most likely be removed in the next few weeks.


  13. Thank you Caitlin, I couldn't find anything to save my life, I knew she had lost the weight and the story was old. She should be nine or ten now.
  14. This is so pitiful. My son is 7 and he is such a normal, happy kid....that poor, poor little girl.