Her parents should be tossed into jail [vid]

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  1. wow. that really is terrible!
    who honestly lets their kid get this heavy?
    any good parent would have taken a trip to the doctor the second they suspected obesity!
    but there must be more than just bad eating habits for a child to gain 200 pounds in 2 years!
    hypothyroidism possibly?
  2. It is SO SAD how many kids in this country are obese...such a shame.
  3. Ugh.
    That poor child.
    She doesn't even look or sound like a 7-year old.
    I hope they can help her ASAP because she seriously needs it for her health.
  4. This kid is not a person I would describe as obese...This is so much more than being obese.

    These parents should be monitored, questioned by police and child services because I believe that this is a version of child abuse. To allow your child to become this large and not to have medical intervention. I feel like crying by watching this. How can parents love their child so little to let them become like this?

    The poor girl cannot even walk. :crybaby: Without the medical intervention of those doctors I highly doubt that this little girl would have ever get better. She would probably be immobile for the rest of her life and dependent on others. She will be made fun of by other children, she will never be able to experience what it's like to be a "normal" kid by running around on the playground, climbing on monkey bars, playing tag with friends.
  5. That poor girl! Could it be a medical condition and not just food related? Is she just now seeing a doctor for the first time? What a sad story, either way. She needs help quickly if she's ever going to lead a normal life.
  6. This is unbelievable. I know lot of seven year olds, being a teacher, and I don't know ONE that would WANT to eat that much. I suspect more that just overeating - or the girl even wanting to eat that much. She is imprisoned in her own body, and the parents allowed it. Awful, awful, awful.
  7. That's morbidly obese.

    Nobody should get like that. There is no way in hell that a 7 year old should get like that.

    My prayers are with her.

    I have often said that parents of overweight children who don't know what they're doing should be educated on health and nutrition (and everything should be done to avoid the child being taken away).

    If the parents honestly don't care, then the child should be taken away.

    I don't know the situation with Jessica's parents. But I think lots of supervision needs to be involved the next time they feed her.
  8. I was reading up on this and it turns out that she lost 150 in two years after this (no surgery). She can now walk (with the help of a walker though) and shes more active at 9 than she was at 7. They have her on a strict diet in a special hospital.
    I wonder if they have her on medication because with that much weight gain in such a short period of time, it must be a thyroid problem on top of not eatting right.
  9. Is it possible she has a illness? If not, I totally agree!!!!
  10. Thanks for the update aspy
  11. I was wondering the same, but I can actually see how she could gain 200 lbs in 2 years. Once your diet is so out of control that you're consuming an insane amount of calories, and you can no longer move yourself - the weight will pack on very quickly
  12. Jessica and her parents were on Maury when she was three. They said that they took her to a doctor and the doctor could not find a medical cause for her obesity.
  13. Were they feeding her normally?
  14. Her parents acknowledged that she ate unusually large portions for a child her age. They said they came on Maury for "help" and a nutritionist on the show gave them advice on how to restrict her diet.